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is a video installation that explores the interplay between old-style grid animations and modern projection mapping technology. Drawing inspiration from the early animation techniques,  the classic grid animation with a contemporary twist by using projection mapping. By layering the grid animations with silhouette animations, the installation creates a dynamic, multi-dimensional use of modern and old mediums.


This multi-surface video projection mapping installation delves into themes of identity, psyche and the repercussions of urban expansion through the lens of spreading disease.

The cityscape serves as an ever-changing backdrop for silhouettes and pictures that intricately move, creating an enthralling autonomous loop that draws viewers into a visual journey. Animations and installations harmoniously intertwine, projecting captivating imagery on various surfaces. 


The installation invites the viewer to explore the relationship between the past and present, and to reflect on the evolution of animation as a medium. Through the use of projection mapping, the installation transforms the physical space into a canvas, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the visual experience.

220cm x 180cm

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