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"The Civilization Arrives" is an avant-garde collaborative project by Abdulaziz and Ekin İdiman. This unique endeavor delves into the profound concept of modern life's subconscious influence on the individual, embodying a convergence of visual art and auditory expression. Within this creative endeavor, visual artist Ekin İdiman and auditory artist Abdulaziz come together to unravel the intricate facets of modern existence.


The project provocatively contemplates the enigmatic process of societal conditioning and the consequent manifestations within the human psyche.

The work unfolds as an audiovisual experience, where artistic components harmoniously meld to illuminate the nuances of the human experience within contemporary civilization.


The visual tapestry weaved by Ekin İdiman & Abdulaziz resonates with the auditory landscape meticulously crafted by Ekin İdiman, culminating in an immersive journey that challenges perceptions and provokes introspection.

''The Civilization Arrives" emerges as a profound exploration of the subtle mechanisms of modern life's brainwashing effect. This project beckons the audience to traverse realms of thought, inviting reflection upon the depths of our interactions with the world around us.

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